Omeo Design Interiors. Olivia O.

OMEO is a full service interior design firm based in Marbella, Spain. Specialising in renovation and new build construction projects, our designs are customized to each client’s desired lifestyle and curated with uncompromised attention to detail to provide a stellar design experience. We value personal connection and our approach to interior design is collaborative. Our designs feature edgy architectural details, a mix of natural materials and bespoke accessories that embody an indoor/outdoor lifestyle while facilitating the client’s needs.



We can scale our offering regardless of size or type of project. We believe in doing things well and delivering to the highest standards. No short-cuts, novelty solutions, or rushed decisions. We also know that things don’t always go to plan. That’s why we go on-site to resolve any issues with contractors and to ensure the building process goes smoothly.

Every element of both our commercial and residential interiors is carefully developed and thoughtfully executed, and is the product of a planning process that ensures that choices made reflect our passion for sustainable design. Decidedly modern in our approach, the spaces we create are sophisticated and timeless and can be tailored to fit any budget.

Olivia O.

Creative Director


OMEO Design continues to evolve and explore the boundaries of what contemporary design can do. For each location we offer site-specific design items tailored with playfulness and innovation. We are change-makers who are constantly looking into new ideas and innovative design solutions that facilitate the changing needs and desires of the modern-day society.

At OMEO we create a balance of modern elements and custom-designed furniture. Drawing upon an extensive list of global vendor resources, we use our expertise to curate a diverse and unique collection for each client that is tailored to meet their timeline, objectives and budget.



Moreover, we are continuously researching earth friendly and sustainable materials that don’t only make our designs look and feel good, but also do good by giving back and supporting the local communities while not harming our nature. We do this with intention and integrity, without compromising on craft and beauty.